Terms and Conditions

General Rights and Liabilities for the use of easyrecon.com

If any of the conditions stated on this page is not suitable for you, please do not use the Easyrecon. Your use of the Site and/or filling in forms in which your personal information will be included means that you agree to all the terms and conditions on these pages.

The general rights and Liabilities for this use are our service terms which are fundamental to our relationship with other people and organizations that interact with our brand Easyrecon, products and services. By using or accessing Easyrecon services, you agree to the Rights and Liabilities of Use, which are updated from time to time.Entering the website Easyrecon.com or using any info on the website means that you have accepted the conditions stated below. Easy Reconciliation Information Solutions and Consultancy Inc. reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions contained in this disclaimer without prior notice.

1. Definitions

“Easyrecon, easyrecon.com” or the definition of  “easyrecon services”, covers all content including www.easyrecon.com website and easyrecon brand or services.

-The definition of “content”, covers everything you or other users’ sends, provides or shares via using easyrecon services.

-The definions “data”,”user data” or “data of users” covers the content or info that can be obtained or sent by you or the third parties via easyrecon or the web portal.

-The definion of “post”, covers the posts you have posted on easyrecon or presented by using easyrecon.

– The definition “usage”, covers the usage, processing, copying, showing, displaying, distributing, altering, translating or creating new information or data with the basis of the relevant content, info or data.

2. Privacy

The safekeeping of your personal data and privacy is highly important for us. We keep your data safe in accordance to all kinds of legal regulations towards confidential business information and personal data. We collect the kinds of data stated below:

-Different kinds of info concerning you or given by you, depending on which services you use:

+ The things you have executed and the info you have given. The content you have provided during the usage of our services including creating an account, creating or sharing content, contacting or communicating via message with others and other information such as the info you have submitted or info about the content, inputting data or the date of a file created may be included. Also the info on how you use our services such as the types of content you have viewed or interacted with, along with the frequency and the duration of your actions.

+Information regarding the operations for a reconciliation, the documents, pictures etc. you have uploaded.

-How do we use this information?

We use all our data we have obtained in order to provide service and to support our services.This is how it’s done:

+To provide service, enhance and develop: Personal info is used for offering our services, to make your payments, to contact you for marketing about our services, update your info, to manage and maintain your account, to suggest products and services that you may be interested in and to ensure third persons or organizations to handle our technical, logistics and other functions.

+As Easyrecon, we create your account definition by binding it to your tax id number. You may reach your user info on which companies’ tax id number you are connected to on the activation screen or your profile page later on. We may share your company and user info with the other companies’ users that would like to reconcile with your company and suggest as an alternative user according to the company info that you have reconciled with.

+To contact you: We use your info to contact you about our services, state our principles and rules. We also use them to respond to you when you contact us.

+Determine your concerns: Demographic info may be shared with advertisers to improve and enhance our content section, help the ads to be adapted to the target group for our users’ interests, along with the other users’ info only.

+To support the security of Internet platform,

+We use the information we have to confirm the accounts and actions and to provide security both in our services and out of it(for example, analyzing suspicious activities or the violations of our principles or conditions).

Easyrecon will inform you in the case of an official request has been made due to the regulations to disclose the confidential information that should not be disclosed according to the Privacy Policy and with the request of the other party, will cooperate with you to find the best alternative solution that is applicable in the regulations in order to object to such an information disclosure or the safekeeping of the confidential information.

-The information below is not a part of the confidentiality:

+Law or regulations in effect or information need to be disclosed according to an administrative order or a verdict

+Information known by the public or information leaked to the public some other way and not the parties’ noncompliance to the Privacy Policy,

+Information acquired by Easyrecon via outer sources without being noncompliant to the privacy obligation to you,

+Information that you have permitted to be disclosed with your written consent,

+ Information that requires the benefits of Easyrecon and its directors, managers, workers, personnel, participants, agencies, subcontractors, administrators or licensers when disclosed.

-In principle, cookies on the web portal are used only for the purpose of evaluating the information and statistical information that do not contain names during the session and for ease of use. Cookies can sometimes be used for additional transactions in certain parts of the web portal, and you will be notified when you log in to these sections.

We use cookies and other similar technologies to offer and support our services. Cookies are small text files that are copied to your computer via a web portal. These files do not contain viruses or cause damage your computer. Cookies that are used in our website does not collect personal information. Many browser automatically accept cookies but you may disable cookies via the settings menu of your browser any time you desire.


We do our best to keep easyrecon.com safe but even still we cannot guarantee it. We need you to assist us by abstaining from the actions stated below:

  1. Accessing easyrecon.com or collect content or info about other users via automatic tools e.g address collection bots, robots, spider, diggers etc. without our given consent beforehand.
  2. Uploading viruses or other codes with malicious intent.
  3. Asking for the login info of anyone else or access their account..
  4. Disturbing, threatening or harassing other users.
  5. Publishing any content that contains hate speech, threat, pornography, encouragement of violence, visuals with nudity or violence.
  6. Developing or executing third party applications that has alcohol, flirting or content for adults including advertisements without following the relevant age restrictions.
  7. Using easyrecon.com for illegal, deceptive or discriminatory and malicious intention purposes.
  8. Initiating Denial of Service[DoS] that will restrain Easyrecon to work properly, exceeding, slowing its capacity, or impacting its display negatively or interfering with and page creation function or other Easyrecon functions.
  9. Providing any advice or support to act against this agreement and our policies.

We would like you to know that it is possible to establish connection to other websites via our web portal. We hold no responsibility for the risks of entering the links to other websites. The accuracy of the information in the field in which these links are directed, the qualities of the links provided in the sites have not been investigated by Easyrecon and therefore, there is no mention about their accuracy and reliability.

4. Signing up and the Security of Account

Easyrecon.com users enter their real names and info and we need your assistance to keep it that way. Some of the Liabilities that you have considering the sign up process and the security of your account are that follows:

  1. You shall not create an account on Easyrecon with false personal info or for someone else without their permission.
  2. You shall not use Easyrecon if you are under 18 years of age.
  3. You shall make sure your contact data is valid and up to date.
  4. You shall not share your password, let others access to your account or any other action that may endanger your account’s security.


In the case of any incongruous act against Rights and Responsibility of Use or any other actions stated above or if we are under a risk or sustain any other possible legal sanctions, we may partially or completely terminate the services of easyrecon.com for you. Also, you may delete or freeze your account any time you wish.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

Easyrecon website with the general appearance and design of the web site with all the information on the website, image, easyhomabakat.com domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphics or machine readable technical data, computer software, applied sales system, business owns and holds the license and license for all documents and materials, including intellectual property rights and the business model. No material on the web portal can be changed, copied, multiplied, translated, republished, downloaded to another computer, posted, relayed, presented or distributed without permission given beforehand and properly referenced. Complete web portal or some part of it cannot be used in another website without permission. Contrary actions require legal and penal Liabilities. All other rights of Easyrecon that hasn’t been stated here are reserved.

While benefiting from the web portal and services, the user agrees to comply with all kinds of announcements and notices that will be published in relation to its services along with the provisions of the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Decree Laws on the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, the Law of Obligations, the Law on Consumer Protection and other relevant legislation. The user shall be liable for any legal, criminal or financial liability arising out of the use of such notices and unlawful use.

7. Disputes and Authorities of Solution

  1. Any claim, cause or dispute arising from or related to the General Rights and Liabilities of Use or any dispute arising from them with Easyrecon shall be settled primarily by mediation, and if this is not possible, the Kartal Courts of Istanbul shall be authorized.
  2. By accepting General Rights and Liabilities for Use and any damage caused by any person or organization in relation to your activities, content and information on Easyrecon, you will pay the legal fees and expenses in the Istanbul Bar Association’s Recommendation Fee Scale of Charges against any expenditure. Tarafımızı masun tutacak kılacak ve tarafımızın bu zararlara karşı sorumlu tutulmayacağını garanti edeceksiniz. You shall guarantee that we will not be held responsible and consider us free of charge for these damages. Although we set rules for user behavior, we do not control or direct the actions of users at Easyrecon and we are not responsible for the content and information that users transmit or share here. We are not responsible of any offensive, obscene, illegal or any other inappropriate content you may encounter at Easyrecon along with any action of an easyrecon users online or offline activity.
  3. We are constantly working to keep Easyrecon.com with flawless, virus free and safe working order, however; we are not responsible for all risks that you may encounter during your use of Easyrecon. Easyrecon is presented without any open or vague guarantee of suitability to a special goal and improper action including but not limited to guarantee of implied saleability and applicability for a special purpose. We cannot guarantee that easyrecon.com shall always work safely, securely and without any flaw. Easyrecon.com is not responsible for the third party’s action, content, information or data. You acknowledge and agree that you will not hold us, our executives, officers, employees and agents responsible for any kind of damages arising out of or related to a third party, known or unknown. We will not be liable for any loss of earnings or other direct or indirect, special, incidental damages arising from, or associated with easyrecon.com by accepting the general rights and Liabilities for any use, whether or not it is foreseen that this type of damage may occur. Our total liability arising out of the General Rights and Liabilities of this business use or of easyrecon.com shall not be greater than a hundred dollars ($ 100) or less than the amount you paid in the first ten months.


This General Rights and Liabilities is a contract between you and Easy Reconciliation Information Services and Consultancy Inc. that is a settled resident in the address Zümrütevler Mah. Ural Sok. No: 24 Nas Plaza K:4 Maltepe İstanbul

  1. If any portion of the General Rights and Liabilities of Use is found to be non-executable, the remainder shall remain in force and shall remain in force and continue to do so.
  2. If we fail to enforce any affiliated part of General Rights and Liabilities of Use, this shall not be considered a waiver.
  3. Any amendment or waiver of General Rights and Liabilities of Use must be made in writing and signed by us.
  4. You hereby warrant that you will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under the General Rights and Liabilities of Use thereof without the consent of us.
  5. In connection with the operation of any merger, division, acquisition, sale of assets or law or any other provision, all rights and obligations under this General Rights and Liabilities of Use may be freely transferred.
  6. Nothing in the scope of the General Rights and Responsibilities of Use shall prevent us from acting in accordance with the law.
  7. The General Rights and Responsibilities of Use shall not entitle any third party.
  8. All rights that are not expressly granted to you are reserved.
  9. You acknowledge and agree that you will comply with all applicable laws when using or accessing Easyrecon, whether in writing or not in accordance with the General Rights and Responsibilities for Use.
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