Privacy Policy

Easy Recon Informatics Solutions and Counselling Inc, respects and cares for your privacy. As a result, we would like to give you information about current Regulation of Personal Data Protection.

This declaration has been provided in order to inform you on the scope, duration and other issues for processing your data in accordance with Article 10 of No. 6698 Regulation of Personal Data Protection.

Who will process your personal data?

With your evident permission to use your personal data; we, Company, will begin to process your personal data as the data user while ensuring the security of your data.

We may authorize one or more data processors to process your data while ensuring the security measures towards your data.

Which personal data of yours will be processed in which cases and to whom it will be relayed?

Your personal data, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated by the Law and in accordance with the personal data processing conditions and purposes set out in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law, that can work as web-supported and with the purposes of reconciling of customer, salesman and personnel current accounts, including BA and BS reconciliations for the companies of members of the system, will be processed and forwarded to your counterpart to this end.

How will your personal data be collected?

Your personal data can be collected in verbal, written or electronic form by our personnel, call center, website, social media accounts in accordance with your permission.

What is the legal reason for the collection of your personal data?

We collect your personal data with respect to the Easy Recon Application Contract.

For how long your personal data will be processed in our data recording system?

Our company, if stated in the relevant law and regulations, keeps the personal data for the specified period.(According to the Law No. 5070, the customer documents and records of the services provided must be kept for 20 years.)

If the legislation on how long the personal data should be kept for a period of time is not specified, the personal data is processed, deleted, destroyed or anonymized for the period of time that requires the processing of the data in accordance with the practices of the Company and the commercial life of our company.

What are your rights as the data owner?

By applying any time you wish you can ask for;

  • If your personal data has been processed,
  • The information concerning your personal data if processed,
  • The purpose of processing your personal data and if it is used accordingly,
  • Which organizations and for what purposes it was shared,
  • Domestic and/or abroad third parties that has obtained your personal data,
  • The editing of your incomplete or incorrect saved or used data and the notification to the third parties that have obtained the personal data in this regard
  • The deletion of your info if the stated conditions are met in the Law,
  • Recovery for your loss if you believe that your info has been saved or used illegally and if you sustained a loss for this reason.

To exercise your rights, you may send your request for your rights that you wish to use stated in the Article 11 of Regulation of Personal Data Protection by filling out the form on and sending a signed copy personally, via notary or other methods stated on the Law, to the address “Zümrütevler Mh. Ural Sokak. Nas Plaz No 24-4 Maltepe/İstanbul, Turkey “ with the documents that confirms your identification. Also,for detailed information considering the rights to the extent of the Law, you may take a look at the Law via the official website of Grand National Assembly of Turkey or visit the website of the Regulation of Personal Data Protection. (

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